Small hydraulic pumps

These small hydraulic gear pumps are suitable for installation in power packs or as pumps for brake control systems. In contrast to conventional radial piston gear pumps, these gear pumps are very quiet at low temperatures, since conveyance is virtually cavitation-free through use of the optimized gear-tooth concept. A wide range of sealing materials allows bio-degradable oil to be used, as well.

Operating ranges

Flow rate Up to 1 l/min
Differential pressure Up to 120 bar
Viscosity range 4 to 2,000mPas
Speed range Up to 6,000 1/min
Temperature range –40°C to +150°C
Pumping principle Internal gear pumps with crescent
Installation type - Add-on pump
- Built-in pump
Materials Casing of cast iron or aluminum alloys
Gears of steel
Drive Available with DC or EC motor

Examples of fluids

  • Pentosin CHF11
  • HVLP
  • Brake fluid DOT4

Examples of applications

  • Power packs
  • Gearbox automation
  • Stabilizer decoupling
  • Damper adjustment
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