Transmission lubrication pumps

Single-stage internal and external gear pumps are mainly used for the lubrication of gearboxes and for cooling transmission oil. Internal gear pumps are also available as converter gear pumps or lubrication pumps for automatic transmissions.

These pumps are usually designed as pumps to be plugged into existing transmission shafts or integrated into large transmission components. They are included in our product range.

Operating ranges

Flow rate Up to 100 l/min
Differential pressure Up to 80 bar
Viscosity range API GL-4
Speed range Up to 10,000 1/min
Temperature range –40°C to +150°C
Pumping principle - External gear pumps
- Internal gear pumps with crescent
- Internal gear pumps without crescent
Installation type - Add-on pump, seals resistant to biofuel
- Built-in pump
Materials Casing of aluminum or magnesium alloys
Gears of plastic, steel, or aluminum

Examples of fluids

  • API GL-4
  • API GL-5
  • ATF
  • DCTF

Examples of applications

  • Gearboxes
  • Transfer cases
  • Automatic transmissons
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