SCR emission control

To comply with EU 6, meaning the simultaneous reduction of Co2 and NOx, today’s diesel engines require a state of the art exhaust after-treatment. For that purpose, a urea solution (AdBlue®) must be injected into the exhaust tract for a selective catalytic reduction (SCR). Scherzinger provides the necessary pump components for your application: a gear pump with a brushless DC drive, if required with integrated pressure control valve.

Operating Range

Flow rate up to 100 l/h
Differential pressure max. 10 bar
Viscosity range 1.0 mPas to 2.5 mPas
Suction head up to 3 m
Temperature range -11°C to 80°C
Operating life up to 20.000 h
Special feature wear resistant to salt crystal

Examples of fluids

  • Ad Blue®

Possible scope of delivery

  • hermetically sealed gear pump
  • brushless DC drive
  • pressure control valves, pressure relief valves
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