Winter services

These gear pumps have been developed specifically for targeted de-icing of roads and airports. Exact dosing of the liquid de-icing agent is possible, since the drive can be controlled precisely through use of the gear-pump principle in combination with high-resolution speed sensors. The gear pumps are resistant to corrosion.

Operating ranges

Flow rate 5 l/min to 200 l/min
Differential pressure Max. 5 bar
Viscosity range 1 mPas to 200 mPas
Inlet height Max. 3 m
Temperature range -30°C to 60°C
Speed sensing 4 to 35 pulses per revolution
Drive Hydraulic motor with inlet pressure of up to 300 bar

Examples of fluids

  • Sodium chloride solution
  • Magnesium chloride solution
  • Calcium chloride solution
  • Glycol

Examples of applications

  • Disk spreader
  • Airport spreader
  • Spraying machines
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