Gear pump solutions integrated into your product

Pump solutions for the integration into the individual customer systems are developed in collaboration with the customer. Due to the close collaboration from the early developing phases onwards, optimally tailored pumps are developed for the tightest spaces and additional components like filters, valves, and bearings can be incorporated. Reduced installation cost, fewer cutting points, and less time and effort in the supplier management are only a few examples of some of the benefits, the customer profits from.

Ideally gear pumps are used for the lubrication of bearing points in gear drives, reciprocating piston compressors and high-pressure pumps. The “reversibility” – the retention of the flow direction even with a change in rotating direction – plays a particularly important role in this respect. A change in the direction of rotation may occur with gear drives or refrigeration compressors that are designed for both rotating directions.

Sample applications

Partially integrated pumps

Fig. 1: Customized product solution

These gear pumps are not, as conventionally done, attached to, e.g. the gear drive or refrigeration compressor, but they are integrated directly into the customer’s product. Thus the piping to connect the pump with the oil sump is dispensed with. Oil bearing channels are sealed directly into the casting: With the mounting of the pump, all oil channels are automatically connected. Benefits resulting from this method are increased safety for the sealing, no threaded connections for pipes and reduced installation cost.

Shaft-mounted pumps

Fig. 1: Shaft-mounted pump

The use of gerotor pumps in the production of compressor units requires that the pumps are oil-tight and gas-tight. For this reason, the preferred materials for the casting are aluminum or cast iron. For compressors with a high internal pressure load, cast steel is also available as casting material. The rotor sets are in general made of sinter material, but can also be made of aluminum or synthetic material to meet special requirements for lightweight construction.

In addition to the integration of oil bearing channels, these gerotor pumps are mounted onto an already existing shaft of the gear unit or the refrigeration compressor. This results in further economic benefits, as additional shaft bearings and even pump shafts can be dispensed with.

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