SCHERZINGER engineering: the cradle of ground-breaking technologies.

We believe in application-oriented product solutions which fit perfectly into your application. We see ourselves as engineering partners and convince with our long-term product and project experience.

Customizations for series production

Even though the gear pumps leave our premises as finished products, for our customers they are components in their processes. Accordingly, we ask precisely where the emphasis lies in each specific case. The products are designed in close coordination with our customers. Pre-series pumps are subjected to long-term tests in our test field for validation. Our customers then obtain a customized prototype which can go into series production.

Double customer benefit

The processes of our customers are optimized as an additional benefit, parallel to our gear pump development. In many cases, a new gear pump function or capacity results in new ideas and options for the respective technical system of the customer. With the development of a gear pump, the customer can gain additional benefit for his own processes.

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