Long service life, short service channels.

Pumps from SCHERZINGER Pump Technology are well-known for their long service life. However, wear is normal for any kind of machinery, and no less so for certain pump elements.

A precise breakdown analysis that is also applicable for you is elaborate and requires a considerable amount of time. The analysis includes the dismantling, assessment of the opened pumps and, if necessary, the measuring of the individual parts.

You will receive a 4D report from us describing the cause and recommended optimization measures as well as a cost estimate for the repairs of the pump or, if the pump is no longer repairable, an offer for a new pump.

We will charge you for this service at a general transaction fee. In the case of a purchase order resulting from this (either repair of the pump sent or the order of a new product), we will settle on the amount due.

In order to process your repair please register your repair or customer complaint right here. That way we can guarantee that your inquiry is processed as fast as possible.

Please proceed with the following two steps:

1. Step: Inquiry form for your repair or customer complaint

Please use the following inquiry to register your repair or customer complaint:

The registration serves to enable you to register repairs or complaints with us. The data you submit here will only be used for the purpose of processing based on Art. 6 Sect. 1 lit b (Fulfillment of Contract) and will not be disclosed to third parties.

You can find detailed information about this in our Data Protection Statement! .

2. Step: Transmittal of your return

You would like to return a product due to repair or customer complaint? Please consider the following steps:

Send the goods to the following address:

          Bregstrasse 23 - 25
          78120 Furtwangen

Please enclose the completely filled-out clearance certificate in order to guarantee a fast handling of your repair or complaint. Please pay attention to the indications considering media and condition as delivered of your pump.
Download: Clearance certificate

Please attach our label with the red "R" outside of your package, so that we can identify your return quickly.

Download: Red "R"

In case of a complaint we kindly ask you to send the unopened product back to us. For all cases where the complaint good has been dissassembled or opened we cannot guarantee waranty.

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