Flow Divider

Flow Dividers are used in fluid-operated gas turbines. They distribute the supplied fuel current evenly to all combustion chambers of the turbines and, in this way, ensure even combustion. With their sturdy design, Scherzinger Flow Dividers are designed even for the toughest operating conditions, and achieve a long service life even under critical operating conditions.

Operating range

Design - Linear, single element
- Circular
- Linear, double element
Distribution principle Synchronized, external pump stages
Number of elements 2 – 18
Flow rate 50 l/min to 1350l/min
Displacement 5.4 - 36 ccm/U
Pressure drop Max. 7bar
Viscosity range 1 mPas to 40 mPas
Media temperature -10°C to 130°C
Ambient temperature -15 to +65°C
Operating pressure Up to 96 bar
Materials - Nodular cast iron (surface treated)
- Stainless steel
- Aluminum bronze (TINOX)

Examples of fluids

  • Crude oil
  • Heavy oil
  • Heating oil
  • Naphtha
  • Demineralized water

Examples of applications

  • Gas turbines for liquid fuel with several combustion chambers
  • Gas turbines for DUAL FUEL with several combustion chambers
  • Gas turbines of 40 MW to 400 MW
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