Multi-port valves

Special valves from Scherzinger, developed customer-specifically for you. Our valves are distinguished by their reliability even under extreme conditions. They are used primarily in gas turbines, where they assume switchover and shutdown functions between the fluid circuits or fluid and gas circuits.

Operating ranges

Design - Circular
- Linear (modular design)
Feature - Simultaneous opening/closing of valve elements
- Gas-tight locking function
- Switchover function
Number of elements 10 – 18
Type of actuation Pneumatic, hydraulic, and/or manual
Total flow rate 10 l/min - 1703 l/min
Flow rate per inlet 1 l/min - 96 l/min
Pressure drop Up to 0.5 bar
Viscosity range Gaseous up to 40 cSt
Leak tightness classes ANSI/FCI 70-2 Class V, VI
Temperature range Up to 130 °C
Operating pressure Up to 120 bar
Materials - Nodular cast iron (surface treated)
- Stainless steel

Examples of fluids

  • Heating oil
  • Heavy oil
  • Naphtha
  • Nitrogen
  • Demineralized water

Examples of applications

  • Purge Valve - for purging line systems in gas turbines
  • Nozzle Isolation Valve – simultaneous shutting/opening of several fuel lines in gas turbines
  • Shear Seal Valve – simultaneous shutting/opening of an additional fuel circuit in gas turbines
  • Manifold Block – Regulates the supply of different media in the combustion chambers of gas turbines
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