Ceramic Gear Pumps

Ceramic is a construction material which is suitable for the toughest pump applications. Ceramic can extend service life many times over whenever extreme demands are placed on the pump, or the pumped fluids have poor lubrication properties. The basic pump bodies are based on conventional construction materials.

Operating ranges

Flow rate 50 ml/min to 20 l/min
Available displacement 0.09; 0.16; 0.26; 0.45; 0.7; 1.1; 2.8; 4.5; 7.1 ccm/U
Differential pressure Up to 10 bar
Viscosity range Up to 10,000 mPas
Suction head Up to 8 m
Temperature range -20°C to 150°C
Inlet pressure -0.95 to 100 bar
94/9/EC (ATEX) II 2 G and II 2 D

Examples of fluids

  • Talcum mud
  • Kaolin mud
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