Statement from Matthias Derse, CEO of Scherzinger Pump Technology Group


The corona Virus has spread worldwide and has a serious Impact on public life as well as the value chain and supply chain. We, the SCHERZINGER Pump Thechnology Group, continue to strive to supply our customers. For us, too, the top priority is to protect the health of our employee.Thanks to early pandemic emergency planning and the establishment of a task force we have been able to maintain delivery capability completely. Together with my team, I do everything I can do to keep it that way!


We are there even in times of the corona pandemic!


We are fully deliverable and are committed to resolve your issues quickly and flexibly even in this difficult time. Due to the disruptions in the transport area, please plan a slihtly longer delivery time.

You an reach us by phone, video conference and email:


Phone: +49 7723 650 60



SCHERZINGER Pump Technology constructs gear pumps that move: physically and personally. Our pumps convey various fluids and, in this way, keep processes running worldwide. They impress with their technical maturity and durability. They open up new opportunities – which go beyond their functions, because as our customer you gain additional technical advantages through dialog with our engineering department.


80 years of gear pump experience lie behind us – and, every day, new tasks lie ahead of us, with customers throughout the whole world.

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