Small hydraulic pumps

Our internal gear pumps are ideal whenever large hydraulic forces have to be transferred in a minimum of space. They are distinguished by low torque for operation on DC motors with low output and low noise emissions, since the internal gear geometry exhibits a high degree of uniformity.

Operating ranges

Flow rate 0,5 to 4 l/min
Differential pressure Max. 120 bar
Viscosity range 1 mPas to 500 mPas
Suction head Up to 9 m
Temperature range -30 to 100°C
Inlet pressure Max. 2 bar
Drive Available with AC or DC Motor
Integr. components Pressure accumulator, non-return valves, storage tanks

Examples of fluids

  • Renolin CLP
  • Fimitol VS

Examples of applications

  • Hydraulic lifting systems
  • Hydraulic transport systems
  • Hydraulic opening systems
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