Solar gear pumps

We construct electrically-operated gear pumps for the circulation of heat transfer fluids by means of solar collectors. The installation type of the heating system places high demands on noise, service life, secure tightness, and large temperature fluctuations. Furthermore, the gear pumps have to be able to build up high differential pressures to overcome collector resistance.

Operating ranges

Flow rate 2 l/min to 12 l/min
Differential pressure Up to 3 bar
Viscosity range 0.6 mPas to 3,000 mPas
Suction head Up to 5 m
Temperature range -25°C to 130°C
Inlet pressure Up to 10 bar
Drive Available with AC or DC Motor
Collector surface area Up to 15 m²

Examples of fluids

  • Tyfocor® LS
  • Solar fluid DC20
  • Pekasol® L
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