Pumps from SCHERZINGER – service from SCHERZINGER

Our service and engineering departments work closely together

Any practical experience provides valuable information for our development department. In turn, every new development helps our service. This is why specialists from both fields are constantly in close contact at SCHERZINGER Pump Technology.

Is your application case unique? So are our solutions.

Not every task can be solved with a basic pump. We will gladly accompany you through all steps of your project at your request if adaptations to a particular medium or specific ambient conditions are necessary: from the planning, implementation, and installation phases up to long-term service in continuous operation.

SCHERZINGER Pump Technology is present worldwide

Spare parts, repairs, and services, all according to our consistent high standards, are quickly available wherever they are needed due to our branches throughout the world. SCHERZINGER Pump Technology has representatives in many countries outside of Germany.

Contact Person:

Marina Glenz

Phone: +49 (0) 77 23 / 65 06 - 44
E-mail: marina.glenznoSpamPlease@scherzinger.de

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